The Fantabulous House Tour

Without further ado, this is the house!

This will be the positive post of positive things, I’m putting the Host of Horrors in a different post.

front 2 2015-03-30 14.50.04 front 1

2015-03-30 14.47.43 2015-03-30 14.50.26 2015-03-30 14.29.17 2015-03-30 14.29.29

See the little round window to the side? You’ll see that later.

2015-03-30 14.45.58 5ef4aad9a2472691c19eee902f9a7837315bda78 2015-03-30 15.12.03 

2015-03-30 14.59.21 2015-04-29 10.07.04

Small paved patio, lane access to the rear with shared parking.


It’s about to get super confusing, so here’s a floor plan. The estate agent was the guy who owned it, so to make the map I went on google satellite view and traced over it…

The Sitting room

2015-04-29 10.10.05  sitting 1

2015-04-29 10.10.15  2015-04-29 10.10.25

2015-04-29 10.10.42

The sofa came free with the house, as well as some other things. These pictures are all the house during viewings- exactly as it was left.

The Dining room

5a78252354f6a3efff720f1ddd1e4a14662ab272 dining 1 

2015-04-29 10.09.28 2015-03-30 14.56.43

Original cupboard, 70s carpet, 70s gas fire, surprisingly good recliners.

The Kitchen 

        2015-04-29 10.08.23 2015-04-29 10.08.04 2015-03-30 14.58.23    

The kitchen is in surprisingly good nick. The cupboards are all solid wood and will probably just need painting, the boiler is working and makes hot water quick and it’s a decent size.

The Stairs

 2015-07-19 09.38.53 2015-04-29 10.11.21 

Up the stairs to the bathroom on the left and the back bedroom

The Bathroom

bathroom1 bathroom2    

The last person who lived here was a 90 year old man, which you can see in evidence around the house.

The Back Bedroom

backbed1 2015-03-30 15.06.40

This is the back bedroom which has three windows- here’s the little one you can see from the front. This is actually my favourite room in the house- the front bedroom is bigger but this one has a nice feel to it, so it will probably become my room once it’s fixed up!

The Hallway

2015-03-30 15.08.32 hallway 1 14b1af4057eedc4a8960aacf4db91cde764e28db

Lovely bannister and all right carpet- besides some of the wallpaper I’ll be leaving this exactly as it is!

The Middle Bedroom. 

2015-04-29 10.13.24  2015-04-29 10.13.47    

Wow, such 70s wood. This room has the LEAST wrong with it and will become my safe haven during the renovations.

Front Bedroom

2015-03-30 15.08.44 2015-04-29 10.11.49   2015-03-30 15.08.52-1       

2015-04-29 10.12.02  2015-04-29 10.12.12 

This room on the front is the largest in the house- normally the master bedroom but I care more about my work than having room in a sleep house, so I might be changing it to be a living room/library.

The grand plan for renovations


This looks simple, but trust me, I’ve been working on it for months since first seeing the house. I considered turning one of the bedrooms into a bathroom (because wow, tiny bath), extending the kitchen into the back passage (heh), having my workroom in the old kitchen, moving the kitchen into the dining room-

What’s the house equivalent of having eyes bigger than your stomach? Biting off more than you can chew?

I reeled the over thinking back and decided what would work for me with minimum fuss. My work room is important to me, so that should get the biggest space- I need it for stock and that means it should go on the ground floor. I also figure that a dining table can be used as a work table for most of it’s life, instead of rotting in a separate room of the house. I want to change the window for a set of french doors so I can load stock more easily and open up onto the garden for entertaining in the summer.

The utility room and outside toilet can be knocked through together and made into an actual bathroom connecting onto the kitchen- shower or bath depending on the space. When that’s finished I can refit the upstairs bathroom so I don’t have to go without showering.

This is all pie in the sky stuff, hopefully the house will give me points on enthusiasm. Next post will be the results of the building survey (arrrg!) and the host of horrors I encountered throughout the house (double arrg!).



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