Papa Plumbs a Brand new Bathroom- The fast bath and sink switcheroo.

I’m back at the fantabulous house after 12 days away visiting friends and family- I’ve been to Weston-super-mare, Bristol, Llanelli, Cardiff, Southampton and Bergen (Norway) and now I’m finally back at my desk in manchester, ready to tell the details of my Dad’s visit, AKA the bathroom single day switcheroo.

2015-03-30 14.59.47

My house currently only has one bathroom and a crappy outside toilet. The outside toilet is one day hopefully going to be knocked through to make a bathroom downstairs but I still haven’t found a builder who will a) turn up when they say they will or b) quote me for the work. My original plan was to do the downstairs first but as I want to get this house guest ready by christmas, I decided to charge on with the upstairs bathroom.

Which means any work would need to be done in the space of a weekend so I could you know, use the facilities.

2015-08-26 17.00.28

The cast iron bath is a bit too long for the room so I decided to update it with a corner bath to open the space up. 2015-08-27 22.12.00 2015-08-27 22.11.33

2015-09-05 12.32.28

Here’s the corner cabinet and sink combo I painted ready to make the new sink. Looking good!

As the front bedroom is being painted right now I had to move the guest bed into the back bedroom to get ready for my Dad’s visit.

2015-09-01 18.30.56

Corridors are difficult.

2015-09-01 18.34.46

Beds are difficult.

2015-09-01 19.13.24

Mattresses are difficult.

2015-09-01 19.41.16

This room has been stripped of wallpaper but it doesn’t look half bad! It’s basically shabby chic, right?

2015-09-01 19.41.40

Okay, so it’s only chic on the side of the room that doesn’t have piles of rubbish and wardrobe doors.

2015-09-01 17.10.38

While clearing the room I found a newspaper stuffed in a skirting board.

2015-09-01 17.10.48

1976- nice!

2015-09-01 17.18.45

Which is about the age of my vacuum’s poor filter which I finally got around to cleaning.

By cleaning I mean accidentally poking holes in it, rendering it useless.

By useless I mean vacuuming plaster dust up one end and shooting it out the other in a fine mist.

…Probably time to buy another filter.

2015-09-01 19.45.16

2015-09-01 19.45.03

The bath turned up earlier in the week on a pallet, though the nice man helped me take it off and get it inside. Ebay is a smashing place to buy baths from, I got mine for under £250 and it was a super weird 140x140cm size.

2015-09-01 14.58.26

Last job before Dad turned up was to install the bulbs in the bathroom! Finally- light!

2015-09-04 12.39.13

Friday afternoon and my Dad turns up with a house warming gift. 😀

My dad collects things from antique shops, which suits me just fine. This one is going in the dining room. 😀

2015-09-04 13.23.42

Dad’s other very important gift was a sledge hammer so we could finally get rid of the 70s fireplace that was too heavy for even 3 people to lift.

2015-09-04 13.24.39

The metal bars through it had to be cut with a hack saw and then the large pieces carefully taken to the car.

2015-09-04 13.32.56

More rubble sacks and a trip to the dump!

2015-09-04 16.16.13

This was friday so we stopped and had a meal out, getting ourselves ready for the mission the next day. I had a slice of oreo cheesecake the size of my face!

2015-09-05 09.31.39

Bright and early the saturday morning, getting all the plumbing bits sorted so we can change over as quickly as possible.

2015-09-05 09.45.21

2015-09-05 09.45.16

As you can see, the last person to plumb this bath in really had faith in it working…

…also plaster dust, y u go on everything?

2015-09-05 10.20.06

First step is to isolate and label the existing pipes. Direction is very important! Dad even let me do one- plumbing is a fine art so I’ll let him work his magic but I wanted to give at least one a go.

2015-09-05 10.26.18

With the pipework detached it was time to take out the existing bath. Dad took care of this one again with the sledge hammer- this bath is cast iron with a ceramic coating and smashing it was like ringing a giant bell with shards of glass-like ceramic firing off everywhere.

2015-09-05 10.32.23

Our job was to take all the sad pieces downstairs and sweep up all the super sharp bits, ready for the new bath to take its place!

2015-09-05 11.21.27

After some wiggling up the stairs we get it in!

2015-09-05 19.46.01

What a fit!

We take the bath out the room again and Dad takes a break while I remove the rest of the bathroom tiles to make mounting it to the wall easier.

2015-09-05 12.07.30

Much smashing and sweeping later and then it’s time to add the plastic push fittings around the wall of the bathroom.

The water in this house runs from the boiler to the bathroom then back down to the kitchen, which means this can’t go wrong or there’s the kitchen out of commission too. There’s a separate overflow lead pipe from the bath that’s just been cut down.

2015-09-05 12.37.26

Once we’ve tested and are happy with the pipes the bath goes back in, this time with it’s little legs.

2015-09-05 14.10.34

The bath gets pushed onto it’s brackets, levelled and feet adjusted, followed by connecting the overflow. Got to love flexy pipe fittings.

2015-09-05 14.10.39

Luckily the original lead pipe fitting works and doesn’t leak. If we couldn’t get this to work it would have meant removing bricks and running a new pipe outside, so phew.

2015-09-05 13.30.16]

Then taps!

2015-09-05 13.30.36

Drawing on the cling film protecting the bath means if you change your mind you haven’t stained the bath forever.

2015-09-05 13.40.25

Some hole sawing later with a drill and the taps are in place!

We then take a side trip to the hardware shop round the corner as the washers in the tap aren’t good and let water through at the second junction. We buy 6 extra washers for 96p and use the opportunity to grab lunch.

2015-09-05 16.18.50

Back after a trip to the cafe, we put the washers in place and the bath taps are go! The drain doesn’t leak and all is good. 😀

2015-09-05 16.39.38

Next we say goodbye to the sink.

2015-09-05 16.39.45

I might keep this for the downstairs bathroom- it’s actually quite fun and it’s FREE so that’s a bonus.

2015-09-05 17.05.31

(things that are hard to take photos of- drilling cabinets)

2015-09-05 17.07.37

(things that are hard to take photos of- jig sawing cabinets)

2015-09-05 17.34.21

We make it look easy here, but getting the pipes lined up inside the cabinet was a nightmare- we spent a good hour butchering the back of it and figuring out how to get the pipe work inside.

2015-09-05 19.02.33

Finally we did it and the drain passed the toilet paper test! No drips! :DDD

The walls need plastering, there’s still a hole in the ceiling, all the pipe work is on show and the floor is grotty tiles, but we’d set out to change the bathroom over and done it all in the space of a day.

2015-09-05 22.02.45

That evening I got to try out my new bath and it’s amazing- having a corner bath means I can sit in the tub cross legged with room to spare and the bathroom has so much more space now.

This week it’s finishing off the front bedroom with Karen, but the hardest bit of the bathroom is done and I can’t wait to start the clean up and finishing it off. See yah next week!


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