Completing Coving, Finishing the floor and Filling up the Fantabulous House

There’s been tonnes going on chez moi, but most of it is semi finished right now, and I prefer to give you lot a nice narrative arc with a sense of fufillment instead of ‘everything is half done right now, it’s a metaphor for the never ending struggle of life’.

…so without further ado, here is the steps to finishing off the Riddiculously Red Room! 

2015-09-24 13.58.49

I decided to paint first then install coving later, which was a mistake. LEARN FROM ME.

2015-10-14 10.17.32

Coving is theoretically simple, you do some math, cut some corners, glue it up and everything is perfect right?

2015-10-14 10.17.28

Oh dear.

2015-10-14 10.34.23

This was our sad first attempt. Turns out specialist ‘coving adhesive’ is just a bottle of lies and broken promises. An emergency trip to B&Q later (the 3rd in the space of a month!) and we were back with No More Nails and some panel pins to hammer the damn things up if the glue didn’t work.

You have to be careful with glues and coving because some glues melt polystyrene.


2015-10-14 13.09.32

Oh dear.

In my head the coving would go up pristine white and create a beautiful edge against the red. In reality it was messy as hell with black finger marks and adhesive leaking everywhere. I was going to have to fill and paint all of it, especially in that wonky as hell corner.

2015-10-14 12.38.42

Realising we’d planned poorly I then headed to the INTERNET. First step was printing off some protractors to actually measure the corners. I’d made the silly assumption that my house had 90 degree angles.

My chop saw wasn’t tall enough for the coving to fit under it at the right angle. All the cuts had to be from the back, and the math for that is just…urrrg. A lot of internet digging later and I found a coving angle calculator, which was invaluable for this project.

coving calculator

The spring angle is the angle the coving makes with the ceiling, in this case 45. You then insert your corner angle and it tells you how to set up your mitre saw to do the cut while the coving is flat on it’s back. Clever!

2015-10-14 17.16.39

Not to say that then made the project much easier, just that it helped XD

2015-10-14 15.10.29

The ‘I done mucked up’ graveyard.

2015-10-14 13.42.15

Slowly but surely we made our way around the room. Even the straight joins were difficult!

2015-10-14 16.07.30

A wild mother in shot! I take her the best places.

2015-10-14 13.42.09

I left a gap for the air vent because I thought it was pretty.

2015-10-14 16.56.50

Then spent a good half an hour figuring out what shape needed to go in there.

2015-10-14 16.58.55

Sweet tessellating success!

2015-10-15 09.54.23

With the coving drying mum had just enough time to help me put the radiator back on the wall before going off home back down south.

2015-10-15 10.11.02

It was super scary drilling into the brand new, beautiful plaster.

2015-09-03 17.22.51

(Which looked like this a couple weeks ago)

2015-10-15 10.14.02

But up the radiator went, level more by luck than judgement!

2015-10-28 14.20.14

Then it was time to repaint the trim and tidy up. Turns out paint drips, and thus began my back and forth painting and repainting of the room.

2015-10-26 12.14.34

I attempted to use fancy masking tape to help me make the white trim neater.

2015-10-26 12.15.04

But it was woefully ineffective. I ended up neatening it up again by hand with the red.

2015-10-16 16.49.12

Moving day was fast approaching, and I needed to put these shelves up fast ready to take all my stuff. Turns out the shelves weren’t in on my plans.

2015-10-16 16.23.58

I spent a good 2 days making what seemed like a couple of hours worth of work. Turns out drilling into brick is difficult, who would have known?

2015-10-19 15.37.25

They’re very simple construction, just a baton screwed into the wall on each side. Unfortunately for Tab, one of the places I *needed* to put a baton was also where a metal strike plate happened to be in the wall. My solution was to hammer many, many panel pins one inch deep into the wall and pray it holds. I will keep you updated.

2015-10-16 17.12.23

After I was happy with each shelf fitting I screwed it down then panel pinned some trim on the front to make it fancy. I am all about the fancy.

2015-10-19 15.37.15

I later realised that it was really difficult to drill high on a wall with all these lower shelves in the way. Learn from my mistakes kids, batons all up the wall first, THEN cut the shelves to size.

2015-10-19 16.23.41

5 shelves, many hours and a slightly twisted wrist later! While putting these up I also scuffed the wall, so back to the red tin of paint I went to touch up once more.

2015-10-26 10.31.37

Then it was time to clean up for the EXCITING floor painting time!

2015-10-26 14.54.36

I couldn’t decide on a paint colour so I brought two and mixed them together.

2015-10-26 14.57.38

Delicious! I mixed it up until I got a nice pale cream with no streaks. This big roller tub is the best thing I ever bought, don’t even bother with piddly trays, this is where all the cool kids are at.

2015-10-26 15.20.27

Before painting I vacuumed (a lot) and went over the floor with a rag and white spirit to make sure it was properly clean. Then I went all around the edge with a paint brush, being as neat as I could while soaking up the delicious  fumes.

2015-10-26 15.36.05

The rest of the floor got rollered on a big stick. Gosh I love the colours in this room!

2015-10-26 15.47.47

Goodbye mug- I’ll see you again in a few hours!

2015-10-26 15.47.53

I then used the roller on a stick to finish off the last section, then poured the paint back into one of the tins and cling filmed my roller and brush off for a second coat the next day.

2015-11-03 11.48.01

Then while the floor dried it was off to southampton to pick up my stuff to fill it! Here’s a photo of the Dissapointingly Small Van I hired- I wanted bigger but that’s all they had so I resigned myself over to not getting more than my large pieces of furniture into it. 2015-10-29 22.01.38

Here’s how I’d left things at my mum’s.


2015-10-29 22.01.51

Most of it is costume making supplies, old costumes and tools.

2015-10-29 22.02.01

And the Item I’d hired the van to shift.. my £35 sofa set.

2015-10-30 23.23.38

I got these red velvet dreams for pittance at the dump several years ago and I love them more than anything that cost me hundreds of pounds. They’re the biggest item of furniture I own, so the goal of this trip was to get at least the sofa’s up north.

2015-10-30 23.23.24

Solemnly I began tidying and packing- I’d already moved into my mum’s 6 months ago so the structure was there, and it all came together quicker than I expected.

2015-10-30 21.39.23

It was made more fun by the arrival of Clem, who helped my back up my TV in the classy ‘duvet wrapped with cardboard and cling film’ method.

2015-10-30 21.39.35

4 hours of packing and a bit of help from my mum later and we were basically done!

2015-10-30 22.06.28

I even had time to put together a prop for halloween.

2015-10-30 22.28.04-2

It’s made from the neck and shoulders for my big sister costume

I found the head for mixed in with other random stuff. It had definitly seen better days and I knew I was never going to fix it, so costume recycling!

2015-10-31 19.56.48

Shiny and Chrome!

Enough Mad Max, it was time for my to load the cargo into my war rig- first off being the sofa to check to see if it fitted, otherwise that would have been an awkward trip back to enterprise.

2015-10-31 13.25.16

It fitted! With plenty of room! Yessss

2015-11-02 08.58.31

We slowly loaded all the stuff into the van over the course of 4 hours. And to our amazement (especially my own), it all… fitted.

I mean I have 3 boxes, a table and a lamp left over to collect some other time, but considering the size of the Dissapointing Van, I am AMAZED.

2015-11-02 09.07.17

Though we did have to pack a chair and a suit case in the front with us.

2015-11-02 09.07.28

But that’s okay, he just kept us company on the journey!

2015-11-02 09.07.40

His name is Red-chan and he was our suit-able companion.

2015-11-02 09.18.14

Moma Tab coming up to help with unloading!

2015-11-02 10.48.23

Red-chan gets a set of hands to wave at passers by!

2015-11-02 13.28.19

At the services I was like ‘which one is ours again- oh wait, I see it.’

2015-11-02 13.28.24 2015-11-02 13.28.29 2015-11-02 13.28.34


2015-11-02 14.51.14

6 hours later we arrived in manchester! The reverse up the back lane was… distressing to say the least, but we got through unscathed, even though we had to let the engine cool down afterwards.

2015-11-03 11.57.49

Most of the unloading was done by myself and my mum, priorities being the sofas as I was having a house warming that evening!

2015-11-02 18.26.31 2015-11-02 18.27.40

2015-11-02 19.45.08

A very tired mum and some lovely friends who all bought treats to break in the new living room.

The next day mum and I finished unloading the last of the van. She’s really gone above and beyond for this move, I couldn’t have forced the sofas up the stairs without her.

A big thank you to Sam, Anna, Clem and Renata who helped load up the van in southampton and to Tom, Amy and Amanda for a lovely evening manchester side.

2015-11-03 11.49.30

And cheers to you Dissapointingly Small Van, turns out you weren’t Disspointingly Small after all.


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