The Door Detour- Brand New Back and a Fantastic Facelift for the Front

This is a post about doors- this is something that’s been going on while EVERYTHING else was happening, but I thought it deserved it’s own little post.


The Back Door

2015-10-26 10.07.52 2015-10-26 10.08.01

Mmm, check out that fine mildew finish. Or the lovely way it just lets spiders crawl under the bottom. Or the way I could probably kick it in quite easily.

For security and damp sake I needed to get a new back door, I just needed to find a place that would custom make a door to the right size. Doors you can buy and fit yourself but if anything goes wrong during installation then you’re left with a door shaped hole in your house while you desperately try to fix it, so I decided to pay some nice men to come and do it for me.

The problem was finding a company that could also do the other door…

The front door

2015-03-30 14.47.43

2015-07-19 09.40.57

This is probably the original door, or at least a very old one. It’s a bit rickety and would be easy to kick in, but it fits the door jam perfectly and there’s a second security door in the porch so I didn’t want to get it replaced with a new composite door.

2015-09-29 14.46.34

At some point the original glass probably got broken and replaced with this security glass, which is good for security, less for aesthetics. After shopping around a bit I gave up on the idea of finding a reclaimed stained glass piece to replace it because it’s a very large window and stained glass like that is very hard to come by, and is normally riddled with holes.

To get a proper new one made you pay a poor person £1000+ to hand cut individual pieces of glass and assemble it perfectly in a frame, or you learn to do it yourself. I actually considered this option for a good week or so, until I got my priorities in order and stopped looking up how to solder lead strip.

A more sensible option involves applying film or paint and lead strip to a plain piece of glass. This is something I also considered doing myself, but I worried about the durability of the lead in a home DIY kit, and the hardest bit of the job would be installing the damn window itself.

(R@emember what I said about if anything goes wrong you just get a massive hole in your house? Yep, not willing to risk that on a main street.)

After a couple weeks of searching and getting quotes I finally found a company near me called Faroncrown (beware the website, it talks to you) who do custom stained glass films and had a showroom/workroom I could turn up at to poke at display pieces. The sales team also didn’t make me shudder and I could talk to the design guy directly. Now that’s a sparkling review if I ever did write one 😛

2015-10-02 10.28.19

They leant me a book with all the window film options to take home and compare to my own window.

2015-10-02 10.28.29

The upper window is original glass, so I decided to just take that design and rotate it for the main window.


They volunteered to design the window for me, but I was like ‘naw guys, it’s cool, I got this.’ and just slapped something together. Benefits of drawing comics for a living, I can use my skills for house stuff!





Red= SF109 Dark red grained
Blue= SF073 Sapphire plain
Green= SF074 Green pepper plain

Here’s the rough design I sent to them with the colours picked out with matching codes from the sample book.

Then I had to sit and wait for them to quote me on the design and fitting for that and the back door. I was ready to pay up to £1000 to get the front door glass back to it’s former glory, so when they sheepishly called me up like ‘Well it will take the guy at least 2 days to make it and it includes fitting and it’s really a bespoke item and that will be £250′ I was just like

A good rule of thumb for how much to pay tradesmen is expect at least £100 a day, more if it’s electrics or plumbing. That plus the back door set me back by £900, which is cheaper than the original predicted cost of just the front window, so brilliant!

3 weeks and some phone calls checking and double checking later, the window and door was done and two guys turned up at my house and chucked it in.

2015-10-26 12.17.34 2015-10-26 12.17.21

In and out in the space of a morning!

2015-10-26 12.53.542015-10-26 12.52.46

This was a job that made the house feel SO MUCH better, the kitchen SO MUCH warmer and I don’t feel so bad now that I’m going to have to wait until spring (when the rain stops) to be able to paint the front door.

Hope you enjoyed the little door detour! 😀


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