Kitchen Plastering, Painting and Plants


The kitchen is on it’s merry way (CUPBOARDS, I HAVE CUPBOARDS PEOPLE), but before all the fun and ikea assembly I had to strip the entire thing down, ready to be replastered.

2015-09-06 19.43.52

Wallpaper pieces go EVERYWHERE when you’re pulling it off. It’s deeply satisfying though if you’re the sort of person who likes to pick spots.

2015-09-06 18.50.45

Unfortunately for me, pulling wallpaper off often means pulling plaster off in this house. Check out those wooden door lintels!

2015-09-07 12.35.05

This was before the old door  got happily ripped out. Rest in pieces old crappy door.

2015-09-07 12.34.39

A view from above! I spent most of my childhood clambering onto kitchen countertops to get things in the upper cupboards, clearly not much has changed.



2015-09-07 17.32.40

Now it was time to make the weird angular cupboard go away.

2015-09-07 17.35.20

This thing did NOT want to move. I had to get a sledge hammer out to make any progress, while carefully avoiding hitting the fridge.

2015-09-07 17.37.48 2015-09-07 17.39.55

Mmmm rotten. At this point I was starting to worry about rot/damp in my kitchen until I found this:

2015-09-07 17.49.46

Turns out this cupboard was over 50 years old! Some rot is probably reasonable wear and tear, considering the age. Amazing how some of the timber still looked brand new underneath.

2015-04-29 10.08.23

As a reminder, here’s what the kitchen looked like when I moved in.

2015-09-07 18.02.52


2015-11-12 16.30.26

(TIME SKIP) I didn’t actually do the back wall until after everything was plastered and painted. Shhhhh don’t spoil the illusion.  This wall will (hopefully) one day have a door going through it to a bathroom, so there was no point getting it plastered if I was just going to cut a hole in it. Also that one piece of wood is more part of the wall than the plaster is at this point, try as I might I couldn’t get it off.

2015-11-12 17.30.46

What a beautiful delicate yellow.

2015-11-12 17.30.26

Time to tidy up, because the plasterer is coming!

2015-09-10 09.19.25

All the junk goes into my back garden, sorry neighbours.

2015-09-29 15.56.02

Day 1 the plasterers take down the lights and put browning on the really big holes made by the wiring.

2015-09-29 15.57.36

(I also buy milk, because tradesmen need their tea)

2015-09-29 22.30.18

Later that night I realise ‘oh yeah, they took down the lights’ when I attempt to cook dinner.

2015-09-29 19.39.22

The kitchen gets sadly moved to the dining room.

2015-09-29 19.39.13

Nobody said this was easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

2015-09-30 16.43.59

Day 2 the plasterer finishes off the kitchen!

2015-09-30 16.43.53

Finally I can have the lights back!

2015-09-30 16.45.01


(Well, not really. I managed to mangle the wiring so the switch that used to turn on the kitchen lights turned on only one of them and the switch for the outdoor light turned on the other kitchen light and the outside light. This was eventually fixed when my dad came to visit after much swearing.)

2015-10-03 22.32.11

Then it was off to do other bits of the house while waiting for the kitchen to dry, and take a visit to my Dad down in Birmingham!

2015-10-09 16.17.53

I’ve hunted high and low for a reasonable priced kitchen tile that I like (I even considered getting copies of the tiles I found in the fireplace reprinted, but that’s for crazy people with too much money). In my utility shed there were some slate roof tiles just knocking about, so I’ve decided to make a backsplash with those. Firstly, it’s recycling, and secondly if I hate all the options available then I’m going to go with the cheapest option, and this one is basically free. I mentioned to my Dad that I wanted some slate and he had a bunch more in his garden, so brilliant!

Ask me how I feel about the idea once I start the project, while I weep bitter, slate filled tears.

2015-10-19 11.46.23

This is Terry the Terrarium, part of my ‘The house isn’t finished but I can still have nice things’ project.

2015-10-19 11.46.49

He’s got a big sister who was donated by my Dad, and currently holds the twins, Poison and Ivy.

2015-10-19 11.53.13

Clearly I just want easily breakable glass things in my life. Glass bells are surprisingly cheap so when I saw them (and had a car to get them safely home!) I bought three of them.

For reasons.

Kitchen reasons.

2015-11-12 11.45.32

I return home with the plaster finally dry, so it was time to clear everything out the kitchen again-

2015-11-13 09.44.11

*Silent Weeping*

2015-11-12 11.45.35

-Because Karen came to visit to help me paint the kitchen!

2015-11-12 16.26.11

Such brightness! This is a mix of cheap emulsion and water, and it goes EVERYWHERE.

2015-11-12 16.26.01

(Painting around pipes is hard, okay? I figure I’m just going to paint what I can then clean them up later with steel wool. Also, yes, the last guy in the house was an old man who was probably swindled by some shoddy workmen when they installed the boiler. I’m keeping the pipes like that because it’s like, totally Steampunk, right?)

2015-11-12 16.26.29

And lo, the kitchen is once more on it’s way to being beautiful!

2015-11-12 16.26.17

Time for a congratulatory cup of tea.

Now you better get ready Mr Sink, because the next post is about how you got ripped out and replaced with a shiny new one.

‘Till next time!


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