And the Kitchen Sink

2015-11-12 16.26.29

When you last saw the (not) fantabulous kitchen it looked like this. Shining, bright and ready to be ripped asunder.


2015-08-23 22.06.14

I’d spent a couple of weeks uming and ahing about what cabinets to change, designing and redesigning over and over again. I’m keeping a lot of the lower cabinets because the doors are solid wood, but I wanted a new sink, taller wall cupboards and an extractor fan that actually goes outside instead of recirculating the filth into the ceiling

2015-08-26 17.18.29

(a reminder of the filth that was behind the upper cabinets when I pulled them down)

2015-11-20 14.58.28

A rogue Dad appears! Together we decide on the final height of the wall cupboards. In the end I went with the height that would keep everything level with the boiler.

2015-11-20 13.16.53

I wanted to go higher and have the cabinets almost touching the ceiling…

2015-11-20 13.17.10

…But my ceiling is about as straight as I am so that wasn’t going to happen.


2015-11-21 10.35.14

We get everything marked out just in time for the Ikea kitchen delivery to arrive!

2015-11-20 15.28.35

There were a LOT more boxes than this, some of them ridiculously heavy, some surprisingly light. In classic IKEA style we also accidentally received half of someone else’s desk, after much puzzling and ‘wait how many 40×80 doors are here????’ it turns out I’d managed to order 4 lots of the sink base.

2015-11-20 15.48.40

I think I’d been um-ing and ah-ing so much over what parts to buy that it must have errored at the checkout. Much counting of hinges and doors later we made a pile to return to IKEA for a whopping £279 refund. Whooo cheaper kitchen!

2015-11-20 15.45.30

Opening the box for the sink made it all worth it though.

2015-11-20 15.54.24

I love you sink.

2015-11-21 11.25.26

I also love you new cabinet doors.

2015-11-21 10.33.53

Then it was on to the Super Important job of the saturday- drilling the extractor fan hole.

The hole ended up being just past the arch on the side of the house, more by sheer chance than any planning I did. It also looks like there might have been something there a couple years previously, so I’m not the first person to destroy the house in this way.

2015-11-21 10.48.55

You can hire diamond cutter drills, or you can have a Dad like mine who just happens to have one. I cannot overemphasise how important a decent drill is for doing this job- When my electrician drilled the bathroom extractor it took about an hour to get through. Brick walls are SOLID!

2015-11-21 10.59.29

The rubble at the half way point.

2015-11-21 10.59.33

I’m sorry cooker, I truly am.

2015-11-21 11.39.27

Light at the end of the tunnel! This was the same weekend it snowed, so this hole made the room Very Drafty.

2015-11-21 11.44.08

Much better! Good thing I hoard bubble envelopes.

2015-11-21 11.48.40

This is me hoovering my wall. The struggle is real.

2015-11-21 14.05.25

Goodbye old sink!

2015-11-21 14.30.12

Hello and goodbye random deactivated socket we didn’t know existed until that moment.

2015-11-21 14.30.19

Behind the sink was super filthy with plaster falling off and old sink water. It was at this point I started to panic as we only had until that evening to finish this and get the new sink in so I could, I don’t know, still LIVE in my kitchen.

2015-11-21 15.00.50

Ikea cabinets are really weird sizes. To get it level with the other cupboards we made it some new legs then used shims to get it even on the (so not even) floor.

2015-11-21 18.39.00

Everything coming together!

2015-11-21 18.39.07

Because of previous issues with damp I chucked some insulation behind the cabinets to try to help with mould. The alternative to this would be stripping the entire kitchen down and getting DPC installed, which I’d do if I weren’t attempting to live in the house at the same time.

2015-11-21 18.48.53

At this point we realised that we’d have to put the worktop in before the sink as it’s the belfast kind that sits over the top. After all my whining about worktop the second this stuff arrived I fell in love with it, so now we just had to cut it to fit. This was using the old worktop as a guideline for the corner angle.

2015-11-21 18.56.08

To cut it we used a circular saw and a metal spirit level clamped to the worktop. I’d been going on about needing a circular sander to finish off the edge but some elbow grease and a sanding block did the job in a lot less time than I expected.

2015-11-21 19.39.26

Worktop AND sink in! You can see where we changed our mind about the corner angle- Ikea worktops are also a weird side so I made it line up with where the cupboard sat.

2015-11-21 19.42.52

Next job- plumbing!

2015-11-21 19.58.00-1

Getting behind the sink to put the wastes on took considerable manoeuvring- at which point I realised that I could fit my hands through and…. well.

2015-11-13 10.35.01

I treated myself to a fancy tap from Germany after going for the least expensive worktop option. The end comes out so you can spray water at unsuspecting visitors. 😀

2015-11-21 20.41.37

Some leaking issues with the wastes and a wet back later we were finally done!


2015-11-21 22.24.06

The old kitchen goes off to kitchen heaven.

2015-11-22 11.44.20

AKA the dump the next morning.


2015-11-21 21.44.27

The Dishwasher goes on it’s maiden voyage! I’ve never owned a dishwasher in my life so I was more excited than a middle aged man playing with their son’s lego at christmas.

2015-11-22 13.17.45

Unfortunately due to my inexperience I didn’t realise that there were some things that you shouldn’t put in a dishwasher. RIP my Great Gays coming out the Closet Colour Changing Mug, you were too beautiful to be untainted in this harsh world.

2015-11-22 11.16.53

All hail the new (not quite finished) kitchen!

The next thing I have to do is paint all the cupboard insides white (they’re that kind of filthy that only a coat of paint will fix) and then paint all the doors to match.

(And that’s another, horribly long, horribly sticky story.)

Have a fantabulous week!

Xx Tab


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