Christmas Eve Cutting, Boxing Day Building

Hope you all had a lovely holidays! Here at the fantabulous house the I only really took the day off on the 25th as my mother was visiting The North, so I put her hands to good work on a couple of fiddly jobs that I couldn’t do alone.  Well, I probably could, but not without things falling on my head.


2015-12-24 16.01.42

This desolate square is my small kitchen window. I bought some blinds because I was tired of awkwardly not making eye contact with my next door neighbour as we both washed up.

2015-12-24 16.15.44

Before I’d always just bought blinds too small for the window and just dealt with the gaps, but now I had THE TOOLS, so I decided to buy them bigger and cut them to fit.

2015-12-24 16.17.52

You can use a hacksaw on these, but two cuts with a chop saw was so much cooler.

2015-12-24 16.19.47

Sanding the edges, making it all nice.

2015-12-24 15.41.14

Look at all the shims I have! I’ll never have wonky furniture again! 😀

2015-12-24 16.23.32

There was a lot of drilling with the SDS drill and faffing about but soon it was airborne!

2015-12-24 16.23.37

My mother demonstrating her high flying skills.

2015-12-24 16.25.30

And because I’m that kind of guy we also removed the bottom slats to adjust it to the right length of the window. These came in handy much later for the fridge door, very glad I did it!

2015-12-24 15.40.45

Here’s the other side up and looking lovely.

2015-12-24 15.40.51 

What wasn’t lovely was the contents of my washing up bowl and all the damn plants on the sill. CLEAR YOUR WORKSPACE before starting a job. Don’t be Tab and Harriet.

2015-12-24 18.25.22

(The reason there was so much washing up was because these little jobs were being done while waiting for each layer of the Trifle Gay Christmas Pudding to set. Red raspberry cream, orange jelly and segments, yellow custard, green lime jelly, blue raspberry panecotta, purple black currant jelly with blueberries and pink raspberry cream if you’re curious.)

2015-12-24 17.27.56

Next job was constructing a door to go over the boiler cupboard. The problem with cupboard hinges is that they need that little circle cut into the door to work properly, and I was using two doors slung up on their side. The solution was to use the two fake drawers that were meant to go under sink cupboard as supports and go at it with a drill and a jig saw until a relatively circular hole emerged.

2015-12-24 17.57.06

These were then screwed onto the back of the two doors, making a giant H for Harriet.

2015-12-24 17.56.54

Then amazingly it just lined up, no fuss. Whooooo onward to Christmas!

2015-12-25 20.25.19

(This is my mum enjoying the remains of the brandy, I mean triffle on christmas evening.)

2015-12-25 22.10.23

This year we had a visit from one of Santa’s leak making elves. While watching Inside Out, my tears streaming down my face like the rain outside, some of the rain decided to get into the house and share my joy. It announced it’s presence with a tremendous crash downstairs, which was not someone trying to steal my totally awesome tree.

2015-12-19 16.39.27

(Seriously this was the best tree)


2015-12-25 22.10.29 2015-12-25 22.10.38

This had to have a bucket under it until the new year when roofers finally opened again after the holidays and I could get it fixed.

2015-12-26 13.44.34

Boxing day dawned bright and early with the building of an ikea cupboard base.

2015-12-26 13.44.31

This is where the fridge will eventually go, but it needs a nice custom built cupboard for it. I did look vaguely into ikea built ins, but ikea doesn’t like non- ikea fridges so we were going to have to do it ourselves.

2015-12-26 14.33.21

Fortunately I’ve saved all the good chipboard from all the wardrobes I’ve torn down around the house, but this thing took an entire day to figure out.

2015-12-26 13.55.36

It didn’t help that the walls were wonky as a playdoh mansion. Here’s mum chipping off some plaster because it was easier to do that than to cut the ikea unit down…

2015-12-26 15.54.12

Slowly a cupboard emerges!

2015-12-26 17.27.46

We managed to get a combination of ikea and the recycled old doors to make the right height for the fridge.

2015-12-26 18.10.24

Ikea hinges hate going on anything that isn’t ikea chipboard. These did NOT want to go on, so we MADE them.

2015-12-26 18.57.54

Making shelves out of the scrap chipboard. From this angle the cupboard looks square, I can tell you this is a terrible trapezium-shaped lie.

2015-12-26 18.58.21

(Here are some of the measurements so you can see exactly how wonky we’re talking. A whole inch in places!)

2015-12-26 20.01.36

After much struggling we get the fridge in with the help of my sack truck. Now the fridge can never leave! The doors all came off at this point because they needed to go away and be made pretty.

2015-12-26 12.08.51

Here’s all the doors laid out so you can see how they *nearly* all matched perfectly. Not bad for something that came from two completely different companies!

2015-12-26 12.17.51

I’d started to run out of the door handles from the original kitchen (recycling, it starts at home! Also, FREE) but luckily for me all the wardrobes I tore out had some pretty swanky handles.  Can’t wait to get these doors painted up and thrown up there! 😀

2015-12-27 15.16.19

As a thank you to my mum for all her help I then took her to the Whitworth Art Gallery in manchester which had a super cool exhibit on textile artwork- check it out if you’re nearby.

Happy New Year from Tab and Harriet at the Fantabulous house!


7 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Cutting, Boxing Day Building

  1. That is an awesome looking trifle!

    Also, your house is coming along so nicely. It’s always a pleasure to see what you have been working on. 🙂


  2. Just a thought, can you get the cover off the boiler when it needs a service or do you have to dismantle the cupboard? I love the green and the doors do really look like they all match!!


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