Finishin’ the Kitchen

The kitchen is officially finished! This post is about the building of the fridge cupboard, the splashback tiles, the floor tiles and the last few finishing touches

2016-01-03 12.43.10

I added some trim to the top of the cupboard that I built with my mother over christmas

2016-01-03 18.54.57

2016-01-03 18.55.00

Then everything got painted white, all white! I felt a bit like this guy:

2016-01-03 18.55.06

This weird nub is the reason why I couldn’t just buy a normal cupboard and install it in there.

2016-01-03 11.44.30

Now it was time to get some doors on this baby.

2016-01-03 11.44.43

I discovered on my last painting mission that it’s much easier to give all the doors little table legs out of screws and that way I can do a coat of all the sides at once.

2016-01-03 15.14.09

The BIN comes out again to give it a decent base layer.

2016-01-03 23.16.08

Then onward with the green!

2016-01-03 23.15.50

(I eventually took my christmas decorations down)


2016-01-03 23.15.38

I also use this time to touch up all the bits of cupboard that had been bashed or missed during the first painting.

2016-01-07 14.00.53

When the doors were all dry I popped the fridge doors on, only to find that the top fridge door scraped on the bottom green door.

2016-01-07 14.01.03

I contemplated moving the hinges up and faffing about but it was solved very quickly by shoving a shim underneath the fridge foot and leaving it at that.

2016-01-07 14.03.41

There was a gap running down the one side of the cupboard so I bought a piece of pine strip wood, screwed it to the cupboard and then closed the door to see where I needed to cut it down.

2016-01-07 14.08.50

Then I cut it to size with a circular saw.

2016-01-08 20.48.09

Then I trimmed some of the old cupboard wood down ready for the kickstand to be installed.

2016-01-07 14.17.42

Last job on the fridge was cutting these strips from the blinds to use as a catch and slider.

2016-01-08 18.16.51

Then much building of ikea thingies!

2016-01-08 18.27.48

(Screwing drawer rollers into cupboards smaller than you are wide is difficult, okay?)

2016-01-08 19.03.07

Yay drawers!

2016-01-08 19.03.21

(Unfortunately there were some casualties in installation so I had to repaint the bottom drawer)

2016-01-09 12.46.29

Painting and repainting, that’s mah job!

2016-01-08 21.00.16

I got these handles from the inbuilt wardrobes that were around the house, then made a jig so I wouldn’t put them on wonky.

2016-01-08 21.08.52

This is how you use a drill, right?


 2016-01-16 17.32.16

I then spent several hours of my life making these the right width for a basket to sit in.

2016-01-16 17.33.49

(Totally worth it to give my potatoes a house)

2016-01-08 22.01.31

Fridge cupboard finished- it was time to move on to exciting tiling!


2016-01-06 15.57.18

I had first thought I’d use these random batik tiles in the bathroom, but after getting a better feel for the kitchen I decided I wanted a light coloured spashback and bought a box each of grey, black, cream and green.

2016-01-06 15.54.55

I then spent a rather long time figuring out what pattern I wanted to use. In the end I went with diagonals of the same colour while attempting to have no tile touching it’s pattern on an adjacent side. Making something look random is hard!

2016-01-06 16.09.39

The mixing bucket and tools come out and I get tiling!

2016-01-06 16.46.20

2016-01-06 17.21.37

I bought a diamond tile cutter for £30 when I did my bathroom- totally worth the money, there’s no point hiring one when they’re so cheap.

2016-01-06 17.34.25

Eventually I learnt how to just tile the pattern as I went, but at first I would lay it all out and double check before going ahead.

2016-01-06 18.33.56

The cooker sits a bit lower than the worktop so this is how I filled the gap while the adhesive set. PROFESSIONAL.

2016-01-06 18.27.38

One side- DONE.

2016-01-06 19.55.45

Aw yisss, exactly fitting 3 tiles on this wall. These are the things dreams are made of.

2016-01-06 20.02.15

Working my way along.

2016-01-06 20.55.52

I gave up attempting to fit adhesive under the window sill and just splodged it on the tiles. At this point is was getting towards 9 at night so I sent my neighbours an apology text for all the noise the cutter was making. Turns out she couldn’t hear a thing which was grand for me as I didn’t want to start again in the morning and have to mix up a new batch of adhesive.

2016-01-06 22.22.05

Last tile goes in! Ahhhhh.

2016-01-08 12.56.14

A couple days later I do the whole grouting thing.

2016-01-08 13.39.55

Yay tiles! As a finishing touch I ran a bead of clear silicone all down the edge and along the sink.2016-01-08 13.40.19

Urrrg, clean sides, dirty sink, story of my life.

2016-01-03 18.54.49

Now for some little paint jobs before the floor went in. The radiator got tarted up a bit with some white spray.

2016-01-07 17.54.13

And I once again delved deep behind the random door panelling, and discovered this underneath:

2016-01-07 23.10.56

Check it out! This paint was a really nice colour so I decided to just leave it and paint the edges, leaving a bit of the history behind.


2016-01-07 17.45.39

The other door was the same colour underneath so they even match!

2016-01-13 15.05.33

With the messiest of the kitchen work out the way I ripped out the old lino and began to lay the new lino. I hate how cold ceramic floor tiles are so while lino looks cheaper I wouldn’t pick a different option.

2016-01-13 17.28.08

I had the leftovers of the underlay from the bathroom so I just used the rest of that in the kitchen.

2016-01-13 20.58.07

These are 5mm vinyl floor tiles from the Kimpton Floor company. I decided to go with a green stone colour effect to make up for not having stone worktops and lay them in a diagonal pattern because, well, I thought it would look cooler.

2016-01-14 15.40.17

It did however make edges a lot more difficult.

2016-01-14 15.42.01

I started out scoring with a knife and snapping the tiles but eventually had to give up and just use a jigsaw.

2016-01-14 16.29.00

Finishing off all the edges…

2016-01-14 15.32.18

Securing the tiles to the steps under the stairs so they’re not a trip hazard…

2016-01-14 16.37.28

(The iron dutch oven came in handy for weighing down corners)

2016-01-14 18.03.17

After waiting for the floor to dry (and removing all the debris) it was time to add the kickstand. I saved most of the original kickstand from the previous kitchen so I just trimmed those boards to fit and made the rest from scrap chipboard.

2016-01-14 18.09.04

Most of the kickstand was 14cm high so I used the circular saw to run off several lengths.

2016-01-14 18.22.22

2016-01-14 18.51.36

Some glue and a screw or two later and I had a lovely continuous kickstand to go with my new floor.

2016-01-20 17.20.25

Then the pièce de résistance, the pot and pan rack made with wardrobe hangers and the old copper pipe we cut from under the bath.

2016-01-20 17.20.31

I’m going to hang so much stuff on there, oooooh yeah.

Now I just have to wait until it’s sunny, take some pictures of the finished kitchen, and I’ll post a round up with before and afters! Until then 😀



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