The kitchen round up!


Back when I got the keys in July 2015:

2015-03-30 14.58.52

2015-07-19 09.42.35  2015-07-19 09.42.16


Several months of posts later:

Tiles gone Wild!

Kitchen Wrecking, Reckoning and Rewiring

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The Door Detour

Kitchen plastering, painting and plants

And the kitchen sink

Painting the cabinets Garish Green

Christmas eve cutting, boxing day building

Finishin’ the Kitchen 


My kitchen, as of January 2016

2016-01-25 08.53.21

The original bottom cupboards have been kept and repainted, everything else is newly installed and either Ikea or DIY built.

2016-01-25 08.55.11

It’s first and foremost a working kitchen, so I chose an easy to clean electric cooker, cupboards that you can easily see into, oak worktop that could take a beating and an implements rack to have everything close to hand.

2016-01-25 08.57.05

(Try to ignore the bottle of white spirits on the window ledge, it’s practically a permanent fixture now)

2016-01-25 08.53.44

My first ever dishwasher! Also recycling bins under the sink in full view because I like having instant access.

2016-01-25 08.56.26

Close up of the tiles and the plant I haven’t killed yet.

2016-01-25 08.57.39

The lights are simple green metal pendants. The doors to under the stairs and my (soon to be) workroom have the original green paint I found under the board covering them on the panels and I just painted up the edges.

2016-01-25 08.59.03

Here’s the sorry state of my tool cupboard. This is something I don’t expect to change much for the next forever.


And one last quick comparison side by side. Such a difference!

2016-01-25 08.59.33

…Now to get to work on this room.


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