Chronicles of the Workroom War Part 2- Fires, lights and colour!

I’m currently moving my stuff into the workroom- though the more I add the smaller it gets, which is crazy for such a large room! Anywhoooo now it’s time for the fun parts of decorating, adding back original details and adding colour!

2016-02-19 15.42.19

This is the hole in the front room that we uncovered back in August along with some super sexy original tiles. 

2016-02-19 15.42.15

I’m in an area that doesn’t allow smoke from fires so I decided to block the chimneys off and cover them up. As much as the idea of a roaring fire appeals to me most of the heat gets lost out the top of the house and this would be a room I was storing fabric in- smoke is a big no no. You sometimes get condensation issues on blocked chimney breasts so I stuffed some loft insulation up there and made sure I didn’t make it airtight.

2016-02-20 14.36.04

My metal fire surround was slightly too big for the hole so some bricks had to be trimmed down. Sorry neighbours!

2016-02-20 14.48.12

Yeah, this isn’t leaving any time soon- I had to hammer it into place. Perfect fit!

2016-02-20 14.53.50

Then I rested the mantle surround (donated by my Dad) to check for fit.

2016-02-20 14.53.57

There was some issue with gaps at the sides- I could have moved the pillars inwards but that meant losing more of the tile designs.

2016-02-20 16.04.13

Instead I grabbed some trim from the old kitchen and cut two lengths to sit just inside the fire surround.

2016-02-20 16.14.48


2016-02-19 16.20.29

The next day I began work on the other fireplace in the room. This one had a different style of surround and no back guard so I used a piece of plasterboard to block it off as well as fibreglass stuffed into the chimney.

2016-02-19 16.25.58

Marking off where the air vent was going to go as well as cutting a section out the bottom for the grate.

2016-02-19 17.33.34

Here you can see how the fireplace was permenantly attached to the wall. I used a strip of wood above the metal surround with large washers to keep it from falling forward. To the sides were two other pieces of wood attached to the wall which sit just inside the sides of the fireplace. This way I could just screw into those instead of attempting to affix the fireplace directly to the wall.

2016-02-19 17.38.52

And it’s even level!

2016-02-24 15.47.23

The next step was painting trim and doors. Which means a lot of sanding.

2016-02-24 15.47.29

While sanding the front room door I realised there was a cool pattern underneath

2016-02-24 15.47.38

Check it out! I decided to not paint the insides of this door because it looks pretty damn cool.

2016-02-25 12.32.51

Ew shelf cleaning.

2016-02-25 12.52.18

Then shelf painting! My gawd such storage.

2016-02-25 18.43.09

(You can see why painting the trim was really important. Yum.)

2016-02-25 17.36.59

I used non drip oil based gloss for the trim in this room because I wanted it durable.

2016-02-25 17.37.02

Turns out non drip means ‘can actually stand a paintbrush up in’

2016-02-26 12.36.00

How to keep your internet wires away from the wet paint without unplugging anything and losing precious internet.

2016-02-26 13.23.51

Now onto the super exciting RAINBOW CHANDELIER INSTALLATION. After my mistake in the kitchen I made sure to take a photo of the wiring layout before I moved any wires. I also made sure to turn off the lighting circuit at the breaker and had my friend Ruben come help me in case of accidental electrocution. STAY SAFE KIDS

2016-02-26 14.17.12

Here’s Ruben holding one of the new ceiling roses like Captain America’s shield. I went with resin based roses for their durability and lightness which makes installation easier. They cost about the same as plaster ones.

2016-02-26 13.47.29

No more nails won’t keep one of these on properly- to install them we had two of us on ladders, Ruben holding it in place and me screwing into the ceiling to make sure it wouldn’t fall down

2016-02-26 13.48.54

Finishing off the last screw! I spent a long time picking these out- there were so many super swirly fancy ones that I was spoilt for choice. In the end got the largest I could get for £50 a rose in a classic style to match the coving and the scale of the room. Cheers ebay.

2016-02-26 14.46.58

After much fiddling and swearing the chandeliers were wired up and BOOM lights!

2016-02-26 14.47.12


2016-02-28 16.42.55

Turns out the super tacky chandeliers actually matched my windows quite well. It’s almost like they were MEANT TO BE

2016-02-27 10.07.53

Around this time a bunch of my artists friends were posting ‘show us a picture of your workspace’ photos up on facebook. HAHAHAHA Jealous?

2016-02-27 12.06.44

Now for the colouring to begin! I picked this colour yellow months ago to make a bright and cheery room. Fortunately for me I still liked it when I opened the tin! It’s dulux ‘Wild Primrose’

2016-02-27 11.08.18

I’m a big fan of the trim first, then colour method. I can cut in edges but I do find tape works better for me, especially as my skirting boards are super wonky so need all the help they can get.

2016-02-27 12.08.03

Fireplace covered to prevent drips and edges painted!

2016-02-27 12.20.28

Whoooooo colour! This yellow was lovely and pale, I was super happy with it without it being overwhelming.

2016-02-27 16.09.17


2016-02-27 15.57.08

Yesss good

2016-02-27 15.57.59

In the end I did two coats over the course of two days and used three 2.5 litre tubs of paint to do it.

2016-02-28 16.42.33

Then it was time to sweep out the room and start work on finishing the floor!

2016-02-28 17.02.21

I hired a big drum sander to do the bulk of the floor before I began painting because DUSTY. The edges I finished off with a belt sander. I decided early on to paint the floor- as you can see my edges were almost jet black so I’d never get a good result from wood stain.

2016-02-28 19.40.00

I had planned to paint the fireplaces black but I had so much green left over from the kitchen that I decided What the Hell and painted the fireplaces green too.

2016-02-28 20.23.54

Hot damn that’s one nice looking fire!

2016-02-28 20.24.08

And the other one to match. I think this suits the room much better than black ever would.

2016-02-28 20.49.32

Now the scary part- painting the floor.

2016-02-28 21.40.13

I went with ronseal dimond hard olive green because it looked like a nice bright colour to add light into the room. Also green.

2016-02-28 22.10.53

I started painting at night just before bed- here you can see my last snack of the day to make sure I wouldn’t just have to sit upstairs and starve.

2016-02-28 22.37.00

Night night floor

2016-02-29 09.46.36

I woke up next morning to a room which looked like this.

Which I sort of… hated.

I kept describing it to my friends as ‘overly soothing doctor’s surgery’. I did two coats anyway then went away to minamicon, hoping to come back and just learn to live with it.


2016-03-15 17.48.16

Then I came back and unloaded my car, only to discover that this was the worst colour floor ever for showing up footprints and NO I could not live with it.

2016-03-11 17.48.33

(To give you an idea about twice a month I load about 20 boxes of stock into my car and trade at comic cons. This is what my stand looks like)

2016-03-15 17.52.34

So all my stock had to move back into the kitchen, and I spent a good week trying to figure out what colour to paint the floor to make it less of a nightmare to keep looking clean.


2016-03-15 17.58.21

In the end I found this stuff from a trade paint supplier. It’s acrylic based so wouldn’t smell out the house and fast drying so I wouldn’t be cut off from my kitchen for too long. It’s dark green because GREEN.

2016-03-15 18.41.09

Scary first splash of green goes down.

2016-03-15 19.08.29


2016-03-15 19.08.37


2016-03-15 20.44.13

Here’s the room after the first coat, already SO MUCH better. After chatting to my mum about the floor colour and how much I hated the lighter one for making everything look like toon town, we decided it must have been an issue with contrast.

2016-02-29 09.46.36

Here’s a photo of the first olive green colour turned black and white- see how the floor looks almost exactly the same as the walls?

2016-03-15 20.44.13 - Copy

Here’s the floor after it’s first coat of green- almost like something out of a victorian photo. Sometimes we get so stuck on colour we forget to think about light and dark. Just something else to keep in mind when decorating!

2016-03-16 09.49.16

Three coats and a couple of days later the floor is a gorgeous dark green. It doesn’t make the room as bright as the light olive did but light reflects off of it in a completely different way. It cost me £60 and an extra week to fix the workroom floor, but I’m very glad I did it.

2016-03-16 10.22.07

This is me realising I blend in almost perfectly with my new floor. It’s almost like green is my favourite colour or something.

Now it’s time for finishing touches, curtains and actually moving into the damn workroom. Excitement!


3 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Workroom War Part 2- Fires, lights and colour!

  1. I’m not sure how I happened on your blog! But, WOW! I admire your determination in creating a personal space reflective of your style & interests. Amazing… You are such a hard worker + someone who appears not to need much S.L.E.E.P.
    I find it interesting you have a team of willing, friends/associates you can call on… Ummm… entice to help you with your projects. I envision you hosting a wopping “shindig” to celebrate all the hard work in making this place something to be proud of.
    Sending you energy & good fortune for being able to deal with those unforeseen obstacles that come with rehabilitating an old house.


    • Thank you and welcome! I definitely have a big house warming planned – I should hopefully be done by this winter just in time for a massive ‘feast of friendsmas’ celebration. I think you truly learn who good friends are when you have to do something like this- When I’m done I’m sure I’ll pay it forward by helping others!


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