Over a year later… and I finally paint the front door.

I’ve just got back from a couple weeks holiday/business trips (NYC, Wales and Southampton. Random mix I know!)  but I’ve still been working on bits and bobs around the house, it’s just that everything is half finished so I don’t like to post them. Things are slowing down now as I’ve gotten everything vital to living finished… but will start to speed up again as I panic about how close this Christmas is and all the stuff I wanted to have finished off by then. T_T

One of the big accomplishments last month was finally painting my front door.


As a reminder this is what the door looked like when I moved in last July.


(This was the state of the front garden, which was cleaned up pretty shortly)


(Much better!)


2015-10-26 12.53.54

The square anti smash glass wasn’t really my style so I copied the design of the top window and had a new pane installed back in October 2015. 


Then 9 months later (and a hell load of work) I got the step ladder out, a tin of the left over kitchen paint, a new letter box I’d been sitting on for months and a jigsaw, ready to finally tick the door off the To Tab list.


This door is probably the original with the house- I felt like a savage hacking into it but the new letter box wouldn’t open through the old slot. It was the most delicious burning wood I’ve ever smelt… maybe it aged like a fine wine?


As well as the green I decided I would pick out some details with gold, because this house is either go fancy or go home. I found it easiest to do the gold over the edge and then cut in with the second coat of green. I’ve awkwardly swirled out my house number because I’m all about sharing the intimate details of my house adventures, but not the actual address.


Moar gold for the haus hoard.


Masking tape only does so much so once everything was dry (and no rain- yayyyy) I used a scraper and some white spirit on cloth to clean up the edge.




My next step is cleaning and painting the stonework, hopefully while the weather is still nice. And someday I might get around to taking the old ‘for sale’ sign down…


3 thoughts on “Over a year later… and I finally paint the front door.

  1. Hi Tab, Looks great, interesting to see the development of the house! Just a thought tho – you mention you don’t want to share the address of the house, but the original picture of the front door shows the number – think it’s elsewhere on the blog too….just in case you missed it! Hope all going well, see you at Minami?
    Best wishes
    John (Amazon – giant Totoro…)


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