The Chamber of Secrets is OPEN!

When we last left the bathroom it looked like this:

The shower eventually got fixed after a lot of back and forth between the plumber and the factory that made the shower fitting- resulting in a brand new mixer being installed. This meant I could finally continue with the tiling!


This is how I made sure my 45 degree angle was actually 45.

*cries softly over corners*

Sticking tiles upside down was scary (I kept expecting them to fall on my head) but they stuck fast!


Letting the edging tiles set with some masking tape help.

I worked until late at night but got the bulk of the tiling finished in one day! The brown muck is from cutting the terracotta of the tiles.

A couple days later and I was ready to start on the rest of the wall.

I couldn’t get a satisfying enough edge on the 45 degree tile so I decided to do the rest of the room in a brick pattern. This was a) faster and b) I only had 4 boxes of green tiles left so I had to make sure I had enough to make a pattern that I could do around the rest of the room.

I put the muck up all along the edge- the idea being I could count how many tiles it took to get around, then calculate how many rows of green I could do.

I worked out I had enough tiles to do 7 rows of green. I did the bottom in white to make painting the skirting board easier and the rest of the tiles would be white to the height I wanted.


Checking to see if I actually liked the 3 rows of white and the edge trim- awww yisss

I got all fancy with the tile cutter and did the edging tile on the mitre like it’s supposed to.

One corner finished!

And all done! I still had some trim tiles to add around the shower once the screen was fitted, but that was most of the room complete. In total I used approximately 1,100 tiles which took about 3 days to lay.

The glamorous side of renovating- this is what my kitchen has been like for the past 3 months. My next step was to get grouting because it was time to get the plumber back in to fit the toilet and sink!

Goddamn tradesmen make this stuff look easy.  😀

It was then my job to lay the underfloor heating mats ready for the fitters to come back and wire up. Turns out taping these suckers down is a lot harder than it looks? I’m very glad I decided to lay it all out first before actually sticking things down because this is not how I expected this pattern to go.

The next step was mixing up some latex floor leveller to protect the wires and stick it all down properly.

I’d describe doing this as the MOST INTENSE TWENTY MINUTES OF MY LIFE

You only get a certain working time with this stuff, and my experience worked like this:

  1. Start mixing in tub- realise your tub has a hole in it, panic as it begins to leak over the floor, find another tub to chuck it all inside.
  2. Slop it down on the floor
  3. Realise you need to get behind the door and can’t fit the tub inside so grab a smaller bucket and use it to ladle it out
  4. PANIC as you remember you were supposed to set the thermostat temperature thingie into the floor and pour this stuff over it
  5. Start pulling up tape and making a place for the thermostat cable while covering your hands with floor leveller
  6. Tape everything down with hope and concrete
  7. Try to make it all flat with a float


There’s one more thing to tick off in the ‘things I’ve never done before’ box.

All in all it wasn’t that bad- like every job you just need to be prepared for it, and I just wasn’t prepared! It isn’t perfect and the matt still pokes through but I was tiling over the top so it didn’t matter.

I then left the bathroom alone for a week or two while I had to focus on other work, using some bits of cardboard to keep the floor protected.

Then last week with my birthday party looming, I got the box of tiles out and finally laid those lovelies down. I went with the same tiles as my kitchen as a) it only cost £60 and b) to keep the flow of the kitchen into the next room.

I also did important stuff like painting the trim white, finishing off the tiles around the shower, siliconing the corners (which I attempted on my birthday and really shouldn’t have), putting up the medicine cabinet, towel rack and mirror and painting the door (green of course).

Plus one last touch, a little snake to hiss secrets to.

As a reminder, here is what this room looked like in January


And here is is now!


(Some panorama shots because it’s only a little room so it’s hard to get photos showing all of it)

This shower *almost* makes the four months of turmoil worth it.

Here’s an idea of how much all this cost to do:

£4000- back wall renovation, window and new wall installation
£900- new toilet, sink, shower and screen
£1900- plumbing, electrics, plasterboard and skim
£200 – building regulation visits
£400- tiles and adhesives (I managed to get the green tile on sale for £14 a metre!)
£200- Underfloor heating mats
£60 – floor tiles
£45- lights
£60- paint, towel rail, cabinet, wood trim etc

TOTAL: £7765


To be fair, the back wall needed repairing if I ever wanted to sell the house which makes over half the budget. £4k isn’t bad for a new bathroom and should hopefully add more than that onto the house if I ever did sell up.

(not that I ever will, goddamn)

This bathroom has taken about 1/3 of my house renovation costs so far, but it does make an investment for the future. Having two bathrooms made hosting a party much easier and as it’s on the ground floor with a low shower it’s much more accessible for friends with mobility issues. It also means that I could feasibly stay in this house until I am old and struggle to get up the stairs!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some house grime to wash off myself from moving furniture from the back bedroom- the last big project to do!



6 thoughts on “The Chamber of Secrets is OPEN!

  1. The bathroom turned out fantasatic. I think that green looks spectacular. I was not too fond of it in the kitchen, but for the bathroom, wow. Very well done


  2. Truly awesome. It’s incredible how much I’ve learnt about home renovations (and how dreadful and exhilarating they can be) reading this series of blog posts. Good work Tab. The house is certinly fantabulous.


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