The back bedroom goes boldly forward…

This post is talking about the back bedroom which for looked like this back when I first viewed the house:

It’s spent the last (almost 2!) years being used as a dumping ground for spare wood with peeling wallpaper, with it’s creepy lock on the outside of the door and plaster falling off the walls around the chimney breast. Back in january I found out that the roof was leaking (hence the blown plaster) so before I could renovate the room the roof had to be fixed first.



Here’s the scaffold up in the neighbours garden- be nice to your neighbours because you never know when you’ll need to shove a giant metal contraption on their lawn!

The roofers actually let me go up there ( ahhhhh! ) and see that shambles that was the roof after they stripped all the tiles back on the leaking side.

The job took them 2 days of freezing weather (many hot cups of tea were delivered) and finally the room could start drying out a bit.


Then in April (once the bathroom was finally done) I got stuck into getting the room ready for plasterers to come in.

I decided I wanted to leave the chimney brick exposed so that meant moving this socket over.

While the electrics were off I decided to move the light fitting- it was over in one side, probably over a bed, but it bugged me SO MUCH that it wasn’t in any centre of the room. As I was getting the ceiling replastered it didn’t matter about making holes so I tried moving it at first by making holes big enough for me to fish around for the wires.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen so it meant I had to crawl up into the (tiny) loft space. There’s a reason why most electricians are small.

Loft space is always the DIRTIEST DIRT I swear- all that black soot that manages to leak into my dust breather no matter what I try!

To save money (and time) instead of replacing the door I cut some scrap hardboard to size and used no more nails to glue over the awful 70s glass pattern.

A bit of trim and it’s almost like it was never the crime against home decor it once was!

Then the plasterers came in and made everything smooth and beautiful


Such smooth, such beauty.

To improve the sound and heat insulation I pulled up all a bunch of floorboards and chucked some wool under them before sanding the floor with my trusty belt sander which I used for the middle living room. 


While the plaster was drying it was up to me to clean the chimney up and make the bricks good enough to paint over. This involved raking out all the loose mortar and chiselling off old plaster with an sds.

I chucked a coat of pva and water over it to seal any dust in then used a bunch of bucket mix mortar to repoint all the large gaps.

To be honest it would have been SO MUCH easier (and probably cheaper) to just have it plastered like the rest of the room but I’m stubborn okay?

After adding skirting board it was time to get a tarp down and start painting! All of the brick had to be done with a brush.

Then a second round of filling in all the holes that I’d missed on the first go with the mortar.

(yes it does look like a shocked face)

Mist coat done it was now time to inject that spark of personality all the other rooms have in my house…

…though this is quite a jump in at the deep end. 

Next up- pictures of the room finished and furnished as I get it ready for my friend/soon to be roommate!


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