Back Bedroom gets Boldly Finished!

When we last let the bedroom I’d finished the first coat of dark blue on the ceiling. Unfortunately the paint I bought was not enough to complete the job so I had to go on adventures in buying a second tin.

These are the same colour according to the outside of the tub??? Just your standard reminder to buy at least double the paint you expect and to mix the two of them together to make sure the coat is consistent.

The second coat pretty much covered the ceiling completely… and it was time to start the true reason for the dark blue.

This is Spencer, my housemate who is now in the back bedroom, and absolute enabler. I was originally going to just paint the entire room white but I started chatting to her about putting some dark blue as contrast around the chimney, or maybe the ceiling but then you could paint stars on it and suddenly the idea for a SPACE CEILING was born.


Spencer did most of the stars with a template cut from cardboard and a stipple brush. She took the ceiling while I painted the rest of the room.

The room also needed some more furniture so I picked this bureau off ebay for £20

Amazing what two coats of paint will do!

Useful shelves!

Mirror up! Believe it or not this is actually level, this room is so wonky.

Before and after painting the radiator. Just shows how this house was that kind of dirty that only a coat of paint would fix.


Room cleared ready for final bits of sanding, hoovering and then a scrub down with white spirit.

Then let the floor painting begin!

I went with a dark grey to add contrast with the walls and make dirt not show up as much. White floors are for people who hoover far more than me.

Rolling out the rest of the paint.

Painting the floor makes SUCH a difference. The room looks a little cold here but that’s why I picked gold/brushed bronze to add a bit of warmth.

As a reminder, here’s how the room looked back in April

And here it is now:


And BEHOLD the space ceiling!

The light fitting is one I get out every christmas and now has a permanent home.

And the curtains are out of this world 😀

Here’s Spencer enjoying the room. Can you tell we met via pole dance fitness?

The next thing for the house is changing the old cranky upstairs toilet over for a new shiny one and replacing the tiny sink with something an actual human could wash their face in.

Then the house is DONE I GUESS???

Tune in next time for the last stage of the Fantabulous House….


3 thoughts on “Back Bedroom gets Boldly Finished!

  1. That must be a very sad day for you, nothing to change at the house anymore 😉
    No, it’s fantastic! As usual, an enourmous amount of thought and skill. Happy moving-in to Spencer!


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