Final nail in the house- the upstairs bathroom!

With the downstairs bathroom finally finished and a housemate in the back bedroom it was finally time to tackle the upstairs bathroom! One of my golden rules of house renovation is ‘make sure you always have at least one working toilet’.


I first started the bathroom renovations in September 2015, changing the old bath and sink out in the space of a weekend with my Dad. Then in January 2016 I added the tiles around it so I could have a decent shower. Since then it’s been sitting there waiting for the pipes and old tiles to be boxed in, but as everything was *technically* working it was a low priority to finish.


It’s a good thing I waited because in the last year I’ve learnt that surface mounted sinks are awful and incredibly high maintenance. Look at all those water splotches along the top of the wood!

It took some ebaying but I managed to track down a corner sink that would fit perfectly over the top of the cabinet and stop water from going everywhere.  I asked my dad to come up and visit to change the sink over, then realised that I might as well get the toilet done at the same time too as it was the old, possible original. That sounds cool as heck, but also meant that it was the kind of scummy you could never quite clean and had a bad habit of blocking up at parties.

So it had to go!

It actually wasn’t as gross to take out as I worried? It took a bit of wiggling back and forth and a crow bar but water loss was pretty minimal.

Dad did most of the heavy lifting and the new plumbing, then had a well deserved break while I worked on cladding the walls.

(This bathroom is so small you’re going to get a lot of fisheye/panorama photos so you can see what I actually did)

The next day I finished off the cladding, leaving the bottoms exposed so if I ever need to access the pipes again I just need to unscrew the skirting board.

The waste projection was too long so dad took a hacksaw to the old metal one.

Then with a push and a wiggle the new toilet was on! Ready for it’s maiden voyage 😀

And here’s the sink with it’s new top, pushed out a bit further so I can get to painting the cladding.

(Panoramas are fun, that shelf drying on the toilet is actually straight)

I also added a coat of blue to the door outside (MY SECRET DOOR THAT LEADS TO NOWHERE) to fit in with the room.

Last step was tarting up the paintwork over the course of the next few weeks, brightening the magnolia hallway and beige trim.

Other fun details in this bathroom was the shower curtain which due to my high ceilings needed to be 3ft longer than I could find to buy. After months of water on the floor I eventually added some fabric to the bottom which sits over the edge of the bath while the edge of the proper curtain drains inside. Magic!

(Also magic is my pattern matching for seams which I am 1000% about)

So, from THIS back in 2015:

We go to THIS:

It’s a small bathroom but it’s made the best use of the space, and corner baths are the absolute best.

Plus, check out this totally appropriate wallpaper.

This marks the end of the final big project inside the house- the next task involves stepping into the outside world and tackling…GULP…