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The HUNT– 9 months of house hunting, what I was *really* looking for and actually getting the keys.

The House Tour– A quick look around the house during my viewings, what sold it to me and whyyyy

House Horrors – All of the awful, awful things I have to change.

July 2015

The First Weekend – My Dad helps with moving day and getting the house habitable!

Friends, floors and fires – Clem helps me rip up the floor and I attempt to open up the first fireplace.

Wardrobes, Walls, Wallpaper and Windows – The front bedroom gets gutted and I pick out a colour scheme.

August 2015

*Tiles gone Wild!* – Karen and I find awesome tiles under an 70s fireplace and rip out the not-spestos kitchen.

*Time Capsule Cupboards, Secret Doors and Timey-wimey Blue*– I find a secret door in my bathroom!

September 2015

Kitchen Wrecking, Reckoning and Rewiring – So many walls, so little plaster. The house becomes electrically safe!

Papa Plumbs a Brand new Bathroom – Papa Kimpton is back, this time to help do the quick bath draw.

The Riddiculously Red Room – The living room comes to life! Plastering, painting and I learn the hard way how to sand a floor with a drum sander. Also two cosplayers tackle the greatest challenge of our lives- wallpaper.

October 2015

Completing Coving, Finishing the floor and Filling up the Fantabulous House – Coving for dummies with special guest Tab’s Mum, then I attempt to cram all of my stored stuff in what looks like a disappointingly small van.

The Kitchen Worktop Question – The most middle class question in my life- oak worktop or stone?

The Door Detour- Brand New Back and a Fantastic Facelift for the Front– I recreate the stained glass front of my door and upgrade the back to something that lets less spiders into my kitchen.

November 2015

Kitchen Plastering, Painting and Plants Plasterers finish off the kitchen, karen helps me paint it and then I buy some plants to make the house feel less sad.

And the Kitchen Sink Dad helps me put in the sink of my dreams- and a dish washer!

December 2015

Floors fixed, Walls whacked down and Doors drummed in…in time for Christmas? Builders replace the back window with double doors and knock through the downstairs in time for friendsmas

Painting the Kitchen Cabinets Garish Green I rush to finish off my kitchen cabinets and kitchen installation

Christmas Eve Cutting, Boxing Day Building Mum helps me build the rest of the kitchen cupboards


January 2016

Tiny Bathroom, Huge Tiles and Small Victories I complete my first ever tiling job and paint the secret door tardis blue

Fireplace the Second… The second fireplace comes out downstairs!

Finishin’ the Kitchen Tiling the kitchen and building a built in cupboard for the fridge

The kitchen round up! Before and after shots of the kitchen

February 2016

Chronicles of the Workroom War- The Walls and Floor Stripping wallpaper, plastering all the walls and ceiling and getting the dust sander back out

March 2016

Chronicles of the Workroom War Part 2- Fires, lights and colour! The rainbow chandeliers find their final resting place and the workroom gets painted yellow and green

April 2016

Chronicles of the workroom war Part 3- Privacy, proper storage and moving in!  Round up post of the workroom!

Bye bye bedroom… Say hello to the hallway library. I go off the rails and change my 3 bed house into a 2 bed by ripping out a wall upstairs…